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Coque sublimation

A4 sublimation paper - Special phone cases and textile - 100 sheets

A4 sublimation paper - Special phone cases and textile - 100 sheets

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This paper will allow you to create your most beautiful prints on phone cases. It is also suitable for cups as well as textiles.

The package consists of 100 sheets in A4 format. It is used with EPSON and RICOH inks.

Sublimation is a printing process that transfers images and designs onto a variety of materials, including phone cases. Sublimation paper is a material specially designed for this printing technique, it is used to transfer images to plastic or metal phone cases.

Sublimation uses heat and pressure to transfer the ink in the sublimation paper to the phone case. The ink is vaporized at high temperature and turns into a gas, it is then absorbed by the shell materials to create a permanent image.

Custom phone cases created using sublimation paper are very popular because they allow you to create unique and personalized designs. Users can choose their own image, their own text, their own logo, etc. to create a case that reflects their personality and style.

There are many benefits to using sublimation paper for creating phone cases. First of all, sublimation is a very precise printing technique, the transferred images are of high quality and have vivid colors. Next, the images printed on the phone cases are scratch and impact resistant, making them ideal for everyday use.

Finally, personalized phone cases using sublimation paper are eco-friendly as they do not require the use of solvents or chemicals, they are also reusable and do not contribute to plastic pollution.

In summary, sublimation paper is an ideal material for creating personalized phone cases. It allows you to create unique, high-quality designs that are also durable and eco-friendly. It is therefore an ideal choice for people wishing to personalize their phone case.

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Perfect shells!

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Print with inks dedicated to our cases. More economical with even more vibrant colors.

15€HT per 140ml can

Case-specific Sublimation Paper

Sublimation sheets in A4 format dedicated to printing phone cases and mugs.

12€ HT per ream of 100 sheets.


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